Our Delivery Process

No two engagements are ever the same. Different technologies, different cultures, different constraints all drive how the delivery process will work. With experience engaging with businesses in many different scenarios we have the ability to adapt our model to partner successfully with your business. Whether your process is scrum, kanban or another methodology, maybe continuous integration is your standard mode of operation or a combination of all of them there are a number of factors that remain constant.


The very heart of our delivery process is communication and building valuable relationships. Ensuring these two factors are actively taking place throughout the engagement leads to success. Supporting this across multiple locations can be a challenge, in addition to working with your current communication systems, such as instant messaging for ad-hoc discussion; we also provide a video conferencing facility at your offices. This means that stakeholder engagements, daily standups, project reviews and retrospectives are all held face to face through the capability of video conferencing. The ability for the team to see each other, read body language, share screens and documents lead to a high level of communication, better sense of working together and ultimately better outcomes.

Process and Progress Transparency

Trust is a key factor when partnering with a software development company. Understanding the status of a ticket, phase or project is a key to this trust. Building on our philosophy of frequent, meaningful communication we ensure that tickets are upto date and the information is comprehensive and informative, we provide daily and weekly reports to show the status of all work undertaken. At the start of any engagement we look to understand what your reporting requirements are and adhere to them, if reporting needs to be increased or the approach changed we adapt.

Quality Gateways

We are firm believers in Quality Assurance and introducing it into the process at the very earliest opportunity. There is no point a piece of software passing the testing phase if it does not meet the business requirement in the first place. By working with Quality Assurance to validate business requirements and then validate each subsequent stage ensures that the product is fit for purpose and satisfies all functional and non-functional requirements.


Delivering great software on time and on budget is not easy, there are challenges that need to be overcome, and sometimes processes don't work quite as they should. We have a philosophy of absolute honesty, if something has gone wrong, if we can see an issue looming with the way an engagement is being run we get it on the agenda early. By taking this honest approach at all times we can address any challenges that we collectively face and determine a plan for resolution. We find this approach ultimately leads to great outcomes which at the end of the day that's what we all want.