At Deccan Enterprise, we provide targeted consulting to design and plan your engagement. Every engagement starts with understanding your business and your specific goals, defining a solution based on that output and then planning for execution.We recognise that you have to adapt your approach to every project and provide the right amount of analysis and the right type of analysis in order to move your initiative forward. We are skilled at capturing complex requirements and translating them into comprehensive specifications for large enterprise applications.We also off more agile approaches that allow development to accelerate and for you deliver value back to your business quickly.

Requirements Analysis

Taking a new set of business requirements and translating them into a robust plan for how technology will solve the problem takes effort and skill. Understanding and agreeing those business requirements, determining how different stakeholders will be impacted by the new system, what interdependencies there might be with other services are all complex issues to solve in a complex, fast moving business environment.

Our teams hold many years of experience taking large organisations through this complex journey. Each engagement consists of three specific areas of expertise, the Business Analyst who leads the overall engagement, Systems Architect who translates the requirements into a technology solution and a member of our Quality Assurance team to validate the overall output ensuring it is fit for purpose. This engagement is the first stage in Project Based IT Outsourcing with Deccan Enterprise

Systems Analysis

A common scenario that our clients share with us the challenge of managing outputs from business analysis with the systems that are in place and ultimately providing a solution. This is common where the Business Analyst has limited technical expertise or does not have someone within the team that can support them from a technical perspective. Deccan Enterprise often partner with these organisations to provide this Systems Analysis. We work with your Business Analyst and other stakeholders to provide the technical solution and supporting plan for execution.

Operational Analysis

To successfully introduce an Extended Development Team to increase capacity and expertise of your own onsite team there are several issues to consider and questions that need to be answered;

What development methodology is in use?

What coding standards need to be adhered to?

What systems will be used to manage the process?

Where are the bottlenecks in the process? How can we increase velocity?