Extended Development Team

Whether your business already has an internal software development team and looking to increase capacity, or is looking to build a new capability, Deccan Enterprise's Extended Software Development Team is a good option to consider.

The case for adopting a Deccan Enterprise Extended Software Development Team is clear. The market place for software development talent is highly competitive and staff turnover rates across the industry are very high. This lack of talent is overheating hiring and salary costs in both the direct employment and contractor market.

Beyond the increasing costs of software development there are many other challenges businesses are facing. A common theme is the need for more flexibility and agility in the workforce allowing them to adjust capability in line with demand. Historically the option is to adopt contractors to fill this gap. The challenge with this model is that contractors are not only an expensive option but also pose risk to the business as there is little provision for retention of business and technical domain knowledge; a valuable asset that is built up over time.

Deccan Enterprise Extended Software Development Team provides a model that addresses these challenges plus many other benefits. We can provide a team of skilled staff that are under your guidance to deliver on the requirements of your business. We integrate into your operating model with the goal of working as a single team.

If you want to build your capability whilst minimizing investment, increasing flexibility and retaining valuable domain knowledge a Deccan Enterprise Extended Software Development Team is the right option for you.